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VPN Link Test
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Chimera Computing 'VPN Link Test' is a small and simple program designed specifically for corporate environments who have site-to-site VPN links from a central (hub) site out to remote branch (spoke) sites. It provides a quick and easy way to test whether a VPN link is active and the response of the intermediary devices in its path. It uses ICMP echo requests (or 'pings') to each IP address in the pre-configured path. It reports back on the status and response time of each device, it also provides a visual representation and a "best guess" diagnosis based on the results. Specifically developed as a handy time saving utility for IT helpdesk staff

Why use this application?

  • It saves time - no need to revert to command line tools
  • It saves remembering the subnet of every remote branch
  • It allows users to quickly and easily diagnose the fault

    Download Chimera VPN Link Test v1.1.1 (1.3MB)

    Note: This version uses pings to each device therefore each device should respond to ICMP echo requests to provide accurate results. Because it pings each device individually (rather than a trace route to the remote host) it assumes traffic to the public IP, remote gateway and host are all routed via the local gateway and take the same hops to reach the destination. The next revision will use trace route to diagnose the link.